Get retirement data by id

After calling the Request Retirement endpoint the response will contain a retirement_request_id which you can use in this endpoint to get access to the retirement data including status, the retirement certificate etc.

Example cURL Request

curl --request GET 'https://${BASE_URL}/api/retirement?id=00mj6hrvi6yaapj6nb' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer ${API_KEY}'

Endpoint Specification

Get the retirement request for a specific id

POST /api/retirement

See the status and other information about a specific retirement request.

Query Parameters


total_quantity is the quantity of the retirement request in grams.

retirement_request_items.quantity is the quantity requested in an individual call to POST api/caas/request-retirement in grams.

There are 2 types of retirement request: FRACTIONALISED and WHOLE. For any requests made through the api/caas/request-retirement endpoint where the quantity is not whole tonnes, this type will be FRACTIONALISED.

The status can have one of the following values:


See below for more information on status.

If the id supplied in the request does not match one of your retirement requests, the endpoint will throw a 422 error.

    "id": "00mj6hrvi6yaapj6nb",
    "status": "COMPLETE",
    "total_quantity": "10000000",
    "type": "WHOLE",
    "project_id": "003tcfgf70xwtr1dbc",
    "vintage_id": "004o7rnsz29fptz9uo",
    "created_at": "2024-02-05T10:51:12.319Z",
    "retired_at": "2024-02-08T11:46:48.245Z",
    "retired_serial_numbers": ["123456789", "abc123456"],
    "thallo_proof_of_retirement_certificate_url": "",
    "should_retire_external_customer": true,
    "all_invoices_settled": true,
    "retirement_request_items": [
            "id": "00p6y5rap05wpwt7km",
            "quantity": "10000000",
            "created_at": "2024-02-05T10:51:12.319Z",
            "retiree_name": "Your Customer Ltd",
            "retiree_tax_id": "123456789",
            "retiree_country": "GB",
            "invoice_id": "00iy2jbppp8kwwg7vl",
            "trade_id": "00gr2tgn2wbq8barqs"

200: status Values

422: Unprocessable Entity error types

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