Get all of the available sell orders on the market in real-time


Access the Thallo market data via API. The screenshot below is of the marketplace user interface which shows the same data as this endpoint returns:

Example cURL Request

curl --request GET 'https://${BASE_URL}/api/market?page=1&per_page=20' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer ${API_KEY}'

Endpoint Specification

Get market data

GET /api/market

Get all of the available sell orders on the market in real-time

Query Parameters




For pagination. Which page would you like to be returned? The default value is 1.



For pagination. How many project results you would like per page. The default value is 20.





Bearer ${API_KEY}

price_cents is per tonne. 1 tonne is 1,000,000 grams. Purchases are always made in whole tonnes.

Prices are in USD cents.

    "projects": [
            "project_id": "003g3ghxs84jlgw5pi",
            "vintages": [
                    "vintage_id": "004fdpkssx2zi9vodm",
                    "vintage_year": 2019,
                    "sell_orders": [
                            "sell_order_id": "006mcfdyidljqj9bs1",
                            "quantity_grams": "1000000",
                            "price_cents": "1500"
    "pagination": {
        "per_page": 20,
        "total_pages": 5,
        "total_items": 100,
        "current_page": 1,
        "previous_page": 1,
        "next_page": 1

Enriching With Project Data

The market data changes frequently and this endpoint returns the up-to-date market data upon each call. However the data about the carbon offset projects remains relatively static and therefore this data is available in a separate Project Details endpoint in order to keep the market data endpoint lightweight.

Use the project_ids returned in the market data and call the Project Details endpoint to retrieve the details of each project.

Thallo recommend you cache this project data locally to speed up your application and reduce unnecessary traffic.

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