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Programmatic access to carbon credits

Thallo API

Carbon-as-a-Service is a single API solution that gives businesses instant access to millions of carbon credits across the entire carbon market. It allows businesses to easily and automatically embed high-quality, verified carbon credits into their products and services, with just a few lines of code.

It allows you to programmatically access Thallo's aggregated carbon credit market, pulling the rich details of carbon offset projects from multiple registries into one standard and easy to consume format. The Thallo API allows you to purchase carbon credits by the tonne and retire down to the gram with one simple request.

Thallo Account and API Key

You will need an API key in order to access the API. If you already have a Thallo account please contact your account manager to retrieve your API key. If you do not have a Thallo account please contact sales@thallo.io to open an account and get your API key.

Thallo SDK

If you are using an NPM compatible framework/runtime, such as Node.js, Thallo recommend using our Thallo SDK NPM library.

Thallo API Direct Access

If you cannot use NPM or do not wish to use the Thallo SDK, you can achieve all of your carbon credit business goals by accessing the Thallo API directly.

This documentation will walk you through all of the available endpoints and best practices to allow you to embed carbon into your existing products, systems and services.

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